About us...

We have not only the highest standards of authenticity when it comes to signed items but also have a variety of unusual and limited edition pieces. 
We specialise in MCFC memorabilia as well as having a range of other pieces, collected in person at venues, stadiums and hotels throughout the UK. 
It can be an absolute minefield attempting to buy signed memorabilia nowadays - the market is awash with cheap imported shirts making it difficult to distinguish between genuine items which have the potential to increase in value and worthless fakes. 
We only use the best quality items for all our signings, ensuring customers investing their money into memorabilia can do so with absolute peace of mind. 
  • Authenticity - Each item comes with a Certificate of Authenticity issued by Imagine Memorabilia. 
  • Proof  - We provide, where possible, photo or video proof of all our signings. 
  • Quality - We have the highest possible standards for our products, with materials and presentation of the highest possible quality to enhance your treasured item.
  • Value - Coupled with the quality of our items and our guarantee of authenticity we represent one of the most competitively priced options to build your collection.
  • Knowledge - With years of experience and product knowledge we are happy to answer any questions you may have about buying memorabilia.